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Did You Know?

Envirosealed Windows reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1600 pounds per home per year.  It would take 11 million trees to absorb the CO2 produced in one year by inefficient windows.

Superior quality replacement windows and doors are your number one method for an energy efficient home, saving you time and money.  Buying quality replacement windows is a priority when investing in your comfort and your home’s value.

All Replacement Windows may appear to look alike but when you investigate the differences you’ll find this far from the truth! The windows Integrity Construction use are the highest quality of energy efficient windows on the market today and are manufactured locally in Pennsylvania.  Compare the options our windows offer:

* Up to 47% Energy Savings – By installing our Bristol Windows, it has been proven that your energy usage can be reduced by up to 47%!

* U-Value = .21  /  SHGC = .22  /  Air Infiltration = .08

* 4 Coats of Low E – while other windows include 2 Coats of Low E, ours gives you 4!

* High Density Reinforcer to strengthen frame – Hollow vinyl, foam-filled vinyl, or polyurethane frames will NOT maintain the structural integrity needed to retain the low U-Values, air infiltration rates, etc the windows had when purchased;  by reinforcing our frames with our High Density Reinforcement Bar, the Bristol window will maintain performance levels long after being installed.

* Envirosealed Warm-Edge Spacer makes the Bristol window a superior weather and condensation barrier

* Triple Pane with 2 insulating pockets of Alpha-10 gas

* Great sound reduction for those who live by noisy distractions such as railroad tracks or high traffic areas

* Cleans streak-free with just a damp paper towel, even on fingerprints or your pet’s nose prints. No more streaks, no more window cleaner to buy!

* One-touch Tilt-in Feature makes these windows easy to clean, not just tilt-in to clean

* Self-mending screens with allergen filters

* 50 Year Warranty, all-inclusive and non-prorated that also covers labor. While others offer a “Lifetime Warranty” that doesn’t specify the number of years (which means it is the “Life” of the window that is determined at the discretion of the manufacturer), ours sets a 50 year time period that covers 100% of the cost of warranty items for the entire 50 year period. Most window warranties are pro-rated, which means the customer has to pay a percentage of the cost of parts in addition to the labor costs associated with repairing the windows. Our warranty is also transferable to the next owner, giving your home an advantage if you ever decide to sell it!

* Quad IV Locks – you deadbolt your doors for security, but what about your windows? Most windows have flimsy flip-locks that are easily pried open by thieves. Our window gives you the security of a deadbolt lock, and in these unsafe times, wouldn’t you want the best protection for your family?

* Many other features give the Bristol window an advantage over other windows. If you would like to see if these windows are right for you, please call us at 1-800-598-9119 to receive a no obligation, free window demonstration and cost quotation.

Below are a few different types of replacement windows available.

Double Hung

Swing N’ Slide Windows

Casement and Awning Windows

Bay/Bow Windows


Picture Windows

Circle Top or Eyebrow Windows

Combination Windows

Hopper Windows

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