Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Interior Remodeling in Gettysburg, PA

Living in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and thinking about doing a remodel project? We’ve got you covered! Kitchens and bathrooms are one remodeling project homeowners like to try to put off the longest because they are so intrusive. Our interior carpenters are the best of the best, pleasing the pickiest of customers with the attention to detail in their work.

Kitchen Remodeling

We can work with all reasonable budgets to plan a partial or full kitchen remodel with a functional design.   With many different styles, from traditional to retro to modern, and some unique accessories to make organization easy, we have a style of kitchen to meet every need.  We can also make smaller kitchens feel bigger with our in-cabinet accessories that will save space.

Bathroom Remodeling

We can complete a full or partial bathroom remodel within any realistic budget.  We can create a relaxation oasis with a whirlpool tub or an accessible bathroom that is safe and usable for handicap or aging homeowners.