Need a new roof?

Let us install the last roof you’ll ever need, worry free!

Aluminum Shake / Steel Shingles

We can do a traditional shingle roof if you really want one but you’ll have to either deal with costly repairs, water damage, or replacing it several times within your life.  Traditional asphalt shingles are also vulnerable to strong winds, heat, and storm damage.  Environmentally-conscious homeowners may also be shocked to know that producing asphalt shingles is not an environmentally-friendly process, creating a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.  We have a beautiful, durable solution that is proudly made in America using up to 99% recycled, mostly post-consumer, materials.

Aluminum Shake

Our aluminum shake options look like hand-split wood shakes or traditional shingles without the ongoing maintenance and repairs.

  • Revolutionary coating that resists fading, chalking, and cracking
  • Interlocking panels that withstand hurricane strength winds and hail
  • Save up to 25% on your energy bills
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Resists streaking & staining
  • Sheds snow & ice with the sun’s heat
  • Can be installed over existing roofs
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty in effect for as long as you own your home, non-pro-rated

Steel Shingles

With a textured look and a variety of colors, steel shingles have so much curb appeal your neighbors will be jealous!

  • Save up to 20% on your cooling costs
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Will not weaken as it ages
  • Will not chip or leak due to hail
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty 40 years, transferable
  • Interlocking panels that withstand hurricane strength winds

Our Installation Pledge

You’ve heard the roofing nightmares – fly-by-night companies from out of state, uninsured workers on the job site, workers who have a criminal background, and otherwise cutting corners on the quality of their work.  If you choose our company to install an Aluminum or Steel roofing system, we can typically match or beat competitor’s pricing but what we won’t do is cut corners or use cheap labor.

  • Absolutely no uninsured workers on your roof – all workers are fully covered by both Worker’s Comp and Liability insurance
  • All installers have undergone a background check to rule out any major offenses or felonies that could put your family or your possessions in danger
  • No cutting corners – we do it right or not at all!
  • No smoking policy on the job-site so you won’t find cigarette butts all over your yard