Siding and Home Exteriors

After our siding or home exterior installations, our customers have been known to shed some tears – but not the tears some contractors leave their customers with due to high prices or shoddy work; our customers shed tears of joy when they see the beautiful transformation their new home makeover created.  It’s curb appeal to the max.

Vinyl Siding / Composite Siding / Steel Siding / Wood Siding / Neverstain Hardwood / Specialty Siding

You’ve seen them around your town – the ugly siding job, the crooked siding job, the siding job that has gaps or cracks, the siding job that doesn’t really match the style of the house, or the siding job that was just done but is starting to pop off the house already.  It’s difficult to visualize your house with a new face and that’s where our experienced designers will be able to assist you.  With years of experience of what looks good and what doesn’t, they will make suggestions based on the style and shape of your house and your specific tastes.

We’ve also learned recently that other contractors who install siding are getting really steep prices.  If the competitor is like us and doesn’t cut corners or use uninsured laborers to complete the job, we can almost always match or beat their pricing.  It doesn’t hurt to show us your estimate and see if we can beat the price – we won’t even put you into a headlock if you say no because we know we have one of the most reasonable siding project costs apples to apples and can get any style or type of siding that the other guys carry. 

Not that creative?  Most siding companies just tear off your old boring siding and put on new boring siding without any thought about the art of the design.  Whether you want a drastic change or subtle upgrade or have a problem with the outside of your home that you’re not sure how to solve, here are some things our designers can discuss with you to make your home exterior unique while hiding imperfections (if they exist):

  • Bump outs – if you need extra space but don’t want the huge cost of putting an addition on your home, our experienced installers can add space with a bump out at a much more reasonable cost.  Adding a type of accent or specialty siding to the exterior of the bump out will also increase the aesthetics & make your home special. 
  • Shake Shingles and Scallops – Our designers can show you areas of your exterior where shake shingles or scallops in a complimenting color will add that extra “wow” factor.  Generally you’ll see these in the eaves of homes but we’ve done some unique designs if you have that special style and shape of house.
  • Vertical Siding – You can use it for your whole house but we also like using it as an accent on certain styles of houses.  To use an example, if you have a recessed entryway, vertical siding looks great in the recessed area with a different style of siding on the rest of the house.
  • Stone or Brick Veneer – Like the look of a stone or brick house?  Use stone or brick veneer for the easy way to add the look and feel of stone or brick without the cost or maintenance that comes with it.  
  • Real Wood Accents without Maintenance – With our real Neverstain Hardwood options, you can have real wood without all the expensive and time consuming maintenance.  It can be used as an accent on part of your home, like a recessed entryway or bump out, or you can do your whole exterior.  
  • Asbestos Siding Cover Up – If your siding is old, it may or may not contain harmful cancer-causing asbestos.  If it is in good shape, it won’t necessarily be harmful to leave it up but most of it we come across is not in the greatest condition because this type of siding is so brittle you can crack it just by using a pressure washer.  If your old siding is cracked, it can cause moisture that leads to damage or mold.  Having this type of siding removed is very dangerous because you can breathe in the dust from the removal process.  We have many years of experience safely covering up and sealing asbestos siding so you won’t have to think about it or see it again.  
  • Soffit and Fascia – What good is having new siding when your aging soffit and fascia will be an eyesore?  We can install it with siding or separately & carry vinyl, aluminum, and beaded soffit.
  • Variegated Siding Options – If you want a siding that looks textured, we have variegated options that look like cedar or woodgrain.  If your home has any existing wall imperfections, this is a good way to create an optical illusion to hide trouble spots.
  • Decorative Trim and Accents – We carry many options, colors, and styles of exterior accents that match your home’s architectural style including accessories you can use near your windows, doors, outside corners, gables, or to create decorative bands and columns. 
  • Shutters, Gable Vents, Moldings, Mantels and More – available in many different colors to match, blend or contrast with siding.

What types of siding do we carry?  Pretty much every kind, unless it is complete garbage.  

And we’ll tell you the good and bad to each, because all of the siding types have pros and cons (some more than others).  Even if you don’t decide to hire us for your project in the end, we’ll give you enough information to help you make a decision that will suit your needs, not ours.  Don’t listen to sales people who only tell you the good to their products, learn the truth about each option for a confident and informed decision.  

Vinyl Siding (Hollow-back or Foam insulation-backed)

Vinyl siding is the budget siding and is best for homeowners who think they will be selling their homes or have a tight budget.  


  • Very low cost
  • Fade resistant
  • Requires minimal maintenance  
  • More environmentally friendly than many other siding types
  • It can be reinforced with foam insulation to prevent it from denting  
  • Can simulate other types of siding, such as vertical planks, shake, shingle, board & batten, and split-log  


  • Concentrated heat or fire near vinyl siding can cause melting, including the sun’s glare of your neighbor’s triple pane windows with reflective coating (Low E)
  • Can dent & pop-off over time
  • Will show wear and tear more than most other siding types


Composite siding is becoming very trendy due to its ability to copy-cat deep textured woodgrain that offers a high-end look at a lower cost than wood.


  • Fade-resistant
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No Painting needed, ever
  • Better Warranty than vinyl siding
  • Good fire rating so it won’t melt
  • Stands up to wind better than vinyl siding


  • Requires specially trained contractors
  • Not environmentally friendly or biodegradable
  • More limited width and color options than some other types

Steel Siding 

Steel Siding is our favorite kind to do because every time we drive past a customer’s home who chose our steel option looks like a brand-new install even 30-50 years later and they’ve never called with complaints or service issues.  It carries a mid-range price, a bit more expensive than vinyl but we promise the value it provides is way bigger than the price increase you’ll pay over vinyl. 


  • Very long lasting
  • Very fade resistant, even the darker colors that fade quickly with vinyl
  • Will not show the wear and tear other options do over time
  • Finish looks premium, not plasticky
  • Very strong, dent resistant 
  • Verified to withstand hurricane force winds 
  • Will hold up to even the worst Pennsylvania winter without damage
  • Will not absorb moisture or promote mold/fungus growth
  • Birds and insects can’t eat or damage metal
  • Available in patterns that mimic the texture of wood
  • Environmentally friendly & recyclable
  • Won’t chalk, fade or peel
  • Repels dirt & dust better than vinyl, cleans easily in the rain


  • It can rust, usually in severe cases of high moisture or if you live by the ocean and we’re in Pennsylvania so no worries there
  • Takes a little bit longer to install
  • Doesn’t insulate as well, but you can add insulation behind it 
  • Increased cost

Wood Siding – Cedar, spruce, pine, redwood, cypress, Douglas fir

Once you see our NeverStain Hardwood Siding, you won’t want regular wood.  It’s a pain in the “you know what” and will require a lot of work and time to maintain.  


  • Beautiful
  • Will outlast vinyl
  • Comes in shakes or boards


  • Very high maintenance
  • Requires regular painting or staining
  • Prone to damage
  • Doesn’t last nearly as long as our hardwood options

NeverStain Hardwood Siding – Very LOW Maintenance

If you want our opinion, this is the most beautiful siding we offer, hands down.  Wood is almost always the most expensive option but when you break down the costs vs. durability, it will most certainly be the one and only siding replacement you’ll ever need.  Why?  Because it lasts 50-75+ years, weathering beautifully over time.  


  • Extremely durable
  • Way less maintenance than other wood options
  • Weathers beautifully 
  • Very low maintenance
  • No staining, painting or sealing, unless you want to
  • Lasts 50-75+ years
  • Insect and bird resistant – sorry bees and woodpeckers!
  • Harvested sustainably, environmentally friendly
  • Many different colors and types of hardwood
  • Can be used as an accent or over your entire house


  • Kind of expensive, until you figure in this is the last time you’ll ever replace your siding
  • Doesn’t come in red/blue/green/etc colors, because it is wood silly!
  • Everyone in your neighborhood will be insanely jealous, in fact they probably will no longer talk to you 

Specialty Siding

  • Shakes and scallops that won’t crack, warp, rot or split
  • Board-and-batten vertical siding that won’t warp, rot or peel
  • Beaded siding for that “early American home” look
  • Variegated Siding that is multi-toned for the hand-brushed look of stained cedar – will hide existing wall imperfections

Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and Fascia are the areas located beneath the roof overhangs or underneath your porch roof.  They won’t add curb appeal because you can’t typically see them from the street but they can become an eyesore when you’re beside your home.  Tired old fascia will detract from your curb appeal because it is visible from the street.  It is directly above your soffit and is the exposed board on the front of the roof’s overhang where the gutters are placed.  

Soffit and fascia have an important function on your home and should not be neglected.  We can install soffit and fascia at a high discount with your siding or we can install it separately at a very reasonable cost.  It comes in vinyl, steel, or aluminum.

  • Soffit has venting that allows a steady airflow, keeping moisture out of your attic and releasing heat from your attic in the summer
  • Helps keep animals and insects outside
  • Fascia supports the lower edge of your roof shingles or tiles
  • Fascia supports your gutters

Fiber Cement Siding


  • Can look like wood, stucco or masonry
  • Durable and natural looking
  • A little less maintenance than wood, but still maintenance
  • Fire-proof & termite-proof
  • Fairly reasonable cost
  • Long lasting


  • High labor costs
  • Needs painted periodically
  • Not as environmentally friendly, not recyclable
  • Not very insulating

Brick or Stone Veneer

If you like the look of a brick or stone house, you can use brick or stone veneer in accents or over your entire house.  It is easier to install, requires little maintenance, and doesn’t show dirt or dust.  We have many different options that will compliment any siding color or type.