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Let’s face it, home remodeling projects are a big decision and can be stressful.  Remodeling your home is expensive, intrusive, and can end up a big headache if you hire the wrong person.  With so many unqualified or underinsured contractors out there, how do you know who to hire?  And forget poor quality materials or faulty installation, what about the fact that contracting jobs top the list for the easiest jobs for which felons are typically hired?  When doing a home remodeling project, you are not only trusting the contractors to do a good job and finish the work – you are opening up your home, access to your valuables, and even access to your children and pets to strangers. 

The lack of effective regulation in our industry makes it even more confusing to home owners.   Some contractors way underquote your project to make a sale and then cut corners when completing the project.  They tend to disappear after they’ve been paid and ghost you when you have problems with their work because they don’t have the financial ability to fix the problems they create.  Some contractors will have greedy sales people who show up in their fancy cars that cost more than your house and pressure you into signing a contract so they can earn a high commission.   And then there are the contractors who spend more for their marketing than on their materials and labor so you end up paying more to promote their company than for quality work.  Even worse there are the contractors who advertise prices cheaper than they can offer based on material and labor costs all to bait you in and then switch you to a “better quality” product that costs more.  

So which type of contractor are we?  We’re a small family owned business that has over 40 years experience giving back customers throughout Pennsylvania their faith in contractors.  Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, our family was raised on good old fashioned country values and we treat our customers and our staff like our extended family.  Our staff are “real” people with blue collar or service industry backgrounds who take pride in helping our customers.  We are not fast-talking city slickers who just want your money to buy fancy things, we would like to build a long-lasting relationship with each and every customer so that they trust us with future remodeling projects and so we don’t have to hide when we see them in public!

We were not only born and raised in Pennsylvania, we love Pennsylvania and choose to buy local, support local, and give locally.  By purchasing from us, you’ll be helping support more Pennsylvania families, businesses, charities, and events than most of our other competitors.  Here’s how:

  • We donate mis-ordered and mis-manufactured materials as well as materials lightly damaged in shipping or unloading to Habitat for Humanity or other local organizations that help Pennsylvanians such as local churches or charities.  
  • When customers replace doors or windows that can be reused or recycled, we give them to local people who are struggling.  Sometimes we are replacing doors and windows that are fairly new but the customers just don’t like them and rather than throwing them in the trash, they can benefit a family who has a broken window or door so they can feel more secure.
  • We support, donate, and volunteer our time to Service Paws of Central PA after performing home improvements for organization members Joe & Celia.  They raise money for local families and children who have the need for a service dog and cover the expensive training costs.  
  • We participate in and sponsor charitable events and fundraisers all across Pennsylvania. 
  • We participate in and sponsor local events all across Pennsylvania because we love to interact with our customers while supporting local artists, crafters, food vendors, schools, and so much more.
  • About 80-90% of our materials are from local Pennsylvania manufacturers using as many Pennsylvania products as possible.  When we absolutely can’t find a suitable manufacturer or supplier within Pennsylvania, we insist that almost all of our products are made in the USA, unless that option doesn’t exist.
  • We support as many locally owned small businesses that we can by buying office supplies, promotional items, insurance, and anything else we need to conduct our daily business from the little guys/gals who are the backbones of Pennsylvania.

While we try to customize each experience based on the individual customer and project, we make these promises to all of our customers:

  • We can work with all realistic budgets but we refuse to cut corners that will put our customers or their family in harm’s way.  We do things right or not at all.
  • We spend your money on quality materials and quality installers, not expensive marketing or fancy office supplies.
  • We background check everyone who comes into your home – if we don’t want them around our family, they won’t be around your family either.
  • We won’t hide from you if you have issues with our work or our products, we take accountability and make it right.
  • We treat your home and family with respect.  We’ll take our shoes off when we step in your front door.  No foul language your children or your neighbor’s children will hear.  Clean up after the project is done so well you won’t even know we were there.  
  • No hidden costs or upcharges, the price we give you is the price you pay at the completion of the project.
  • We focus on one project at a time until fully completed and the customer is satisfied. 
  • No gimmicks – we carry only products that are proven to last and show you the science behind what makes them superior to other products.  We don’t have to trick you with fancy words or magic tricks because you’ll see that our products speak for themselves.
  • We don’t work with product suppliers who will not stand behind their products.  Only the best warranties with the least amount of loopholes or exclusions get through our quality control team.

“Quality workmanship done in a timely fashion having 6 windows replaced as well as 2 doors! Very energy efficient too. I highly recommend this company!”

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“Great work. Great job. Great windows. Great guys for install and sales reps. I love the Quad IV locking system.”

“Quality workmanship done in a timely fashion having 6 windows replaced as well as 2 doors! Very energy efficient too. I highly recommend this company!”

“Happy customer for many years, they did windows, doors, siding and insulation for me. Products are excellent quality, the prices are a good value for what you get, customer service is responsive and quick. They have done quite a few projects in my neighborhood and it all looks good.”

“Kind staff and excellent pricing!”

“Very impressed....they provided quality work and very clean would highly recommend.”

“Integrity Construction has some of the best quality products I’ve ever seen. Their warranty is amazing along with their professional service and staff members. A+++”

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