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Overworked and underappreciated? Tired of being stuck Just Over Broke with no professional growth? Our winning team is always looking for “A” players who want to pave their own way and aren’t afraid to prove they are worth more than what others have offered them.

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We are looking for a certain type of person for this position. No experience is necessary. We are looking for a person who excels at everything they do, gives 100% effort, has a positive attitude, and wants to make tons of money.



Integrity is a company that is expanding FAST! We don’t like complacency, we are constantly growing and don’t plan on letting up. We have recently promoted a few people and are searching for motivated individuals to join our team!


We work somewhere in between a laid back atmosphere and a formal one. We work hard but know how to have fun doing it. We constantly have giveaways with TV’s, Shark robot vacuums, gift cards and so much more. We are always focused on personal and professional growth.

Job Security

In the world we live in today, it’s nice to know you have some job security. We have been around 42 years and are completely debt free. During the last 2 biggest recessions, we have had double digit growth!




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Frequently asked questions

If you still have a question you would like answered before applying, please give us a call!

Do I have to have experience?

No, we have a lot of experience training candidates with no experience in the field and more often than not we prefer candidates who we can train without having to break the bad habits that sometimes come with previous experience. If you are committed to your own success and are willing to learn from our experienced managers whether you have experience or not, we will train you and provide you with feedback along the way. You’ll be a pro at the job within 90 days and we will continue to work with you to advance within the company.

What is the weekly/hourly pay?

Each position has a different range of weekly/hourly pays but all are highly competitive. Most positions have a two-week training period with a lower starting rate that automatically raises on reaching your third week. In each department, your manager’s goal is to have you earning more money at the end of 90 days than you did in your previous job so that you want to stay with our company, because retaining good employees is cheaper and easier than getting new ones.

Do I have to have a college degree or any kind of certification?

EWe don’t focus on formal education when we’re evaluating candidates. A degree to us is a fancy piece of paper – we are looking for someone willing to grow and learn. In fact, many of our best employees do not have a college education at all. Our managers have had experience with all different types of learners and will focus on your strengths while giving you recommendations on how to overcome or practice weak areas to take you to the next level.

Are there growth opportunities?

Every department has advancement opportunities available for the right candidate. We offer interactive management training seminars for employees who want to pursue a long-term management position with our team. Our managers earn their positions, not just luck into them. It doesn’t matter if someone has been here longer or if someone sucks up to the boss, we’re looking for candidates who go above and beyond in their jobs, are trustworthy, cooperate with management and co-workers, and are dependable and reliable.

Is there a quota?

All jobs have a “quota” because there are performance requirements to all jobs. If a fast food company was paying you to make hamburgers, they would release an employee who is not making the minimum amount of hamburgers they need to make to keep up with customer demand to make the business profitable. That’s a quota. All of our jobs, including our office or administrative jobs have minimum performance requirements, fortunately they are lower than industry standards because we run our business efficiently. We also understand that different employees within the same department have different abilities so we don’t compare your job performance with what others in the department are doing, only that you are improving and trying your hardest. Winners who are confident in their ability to learn should not be afraid of a quota, especially since our managers also had to hit that same quota when they started and can mentor you based on their experience to help you hit your quota.

What is the atmospher?

Work doesn’t have to be “stuffy” and serious all the time. We have created a comfortable “Un- corporate” atmosphere that is laidback and casual but also hectic and exciting. Our office is our staff’s “home away from home” where everyone can be comfortable being themselves. Our biggest goal was to create a positive atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff who work together as a team but also compete to be the best at what they do. Why? Because having someone negative at work zaps the life out of the entire team. We don’t put up with drama or B.S. but we’re not picky about the little things if you’re getting the job done. We encourage everyone to have fun and interact with their co-workers so that it breaks up the monotony of work. If you find a way to have fun with any job, you’ll never “work” another day in your life.

What is the turnover rate?

100% of people who don’t put an effort into their job. 100% of people who aren’t cooperative with management. 100% of people with a negative attitude or who are disrespectful to their co-workers. Sales and marketing will have a higher turnover rate than administrative or installer positions because some people just aren’t the right fit for sales or marketing. Events will have a higher turnover because working weekends is not for everyone. When we hire candidates, we want everyone to make it and stay with the team but it doesn’t always happen that way since no company out there has a 0% turnover rate. As of the end of 2019, 40% of our staff has been with the company over 15 years, 33% have 7 to 14 years in, and the remaining 27% were reaching their one year anniversary.

Is the position/company stable?

Our company is lucky enough to be in an industry that is not affected by the economy or the season. The opportunity is as stable as you want it to be – we’ve had many people retire from our company over the years who didn’t initially expect to be in home improvements but fell in love with their income and our atmosphere. We’ve provided stable incomes to many people for the past 35+ years and have the financial stability to provide for our employees for many years to come. Our department managers have all been with the company for 8 or more years and have the knowledge to show you how to have a stable career with our company.

What is the dress code?

In the office we are very casual and if you don’t interact with customers or job candidates as part of your normal job duties, feel free to dress comfortably. Some departments who interact with the public have a very basic dress code but none require uniforms. Business casual is required for sales positions, outside marketing, and events when you are interacting with customers. Office training sessions are casual.

Are there benefits?

Yes, we offer a benefits package to all full time employees and even have paid vacation for our part time employees. Full time employees get UPMC group health insurance coverage, paid holidays, and paid vacations. All of our team members have different needs so we are negotiable on benefits and can offer a custom-tailored benefits package where you can swap out your health coverage for one of many options, including TV or music streaming packages, gym memberships, or more.

Is the job training paid?

Yes, we offer paid training for all of our positions. The typical training period is 2 weeks and most times the training rate is a bit less than your starting pay. Even though the training period is considered your first 2 weeks, it takes about a month to really get comfortable and start getting consistent with our positions.

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“Kind staff and excellent pricing!”

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