The Best Replacement Windows Available for Homes in Pennsylvania

New vinyl windows in a two-story home with gray vinyl siding.

Are the windows in your home drafty, broken, or difficult to open? Are you having trouble keeping your energy costs under control? You need replacement windows, but with so many products and window replacement companies to choose from, it can be difficult to tell how to get the best value for your investment. At Integrity Construction & Windows, we’re confident that once you’ve done your research, we’ll emerge as the clear choice.

With locations in Altoona and Greensburg, we are ideally situated to serve homeowners throughout northern, southern, and western Pennsylvania, including the Pittsburgh metro area. Having served local homeowners since 1982, we understand which products perform best in our climate. We’re proud to be the exclusive dealer of replacement windows from Bristol, which are ideally suited for Pennsylvania homes.

Get to Know Bristol Replacement Windows

The only window with deadbolt-style locks. A pioneer in energy efficiency that will allow you to turn your thermostat down a notch while remaining comfortable. So easy to clean you won’t mind when your dog puts nose prints or your kids get their fingerprints all over the glass. And the last window you’ll ever need to have installed in your lifetime. That’s Bristol Windows.

Bristol Windows are custom-made and come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to suit your tastes. But most importantly, you can rely on them for a lifetime. Most window warranties have so many exclusions and loopholes that they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. The Bristol Window comes with an iron-clad warranty and will get you out of that constant loop of paying over and over to repair or replace your windows. Plus, they provide a quicker return on your investment and keep paying it back in the form of reduced energy costs. Other window brands make a lot of claims that end up being just gimmicks. Bristol Windows are backed by science and engineering.   

Some of the technical terms and part names are confusing to anyone who isn’t a window expert. Our product specialists will show you a full working window sample and show you the features and parts in action. You’ll understand why other windows don’t live up to their promises because we will show you the weaknesses behind certain parts other manufacturers commonly use. Unlike lesser replacement windows, the products we use won’t become hard to open and close over time, lose their insulating seal, get drafty, collect mold or moisture, or get stuck when tilting them in to clean.

What Makes the Bristol Window Different?

  • High security Quad-IV 4-point steel deadbolt locking system
  • Easy-clean tilt in or swing in feature
  • Triple pane glass filled with Alpha-10 Gas
  • Makes your home quieter and keeps traffic and other noises outside
  • Fully reinforced durable frame
  • 50-year non-pro-rated and transferable warranty
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Endless options to match any home
  • Low U-Value = 0.23
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient = 0.21
  • Air infiltration rating = 0.08
  • Ventilation locks

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Our customers have reported they actually saved significant money on their monthly fuel and electric costs after replacing their single and even double pane windows with triple pane Bristol windows. Winchester Industries pioneered triple pane technology beginning in 1983 when their owners anticipated the need for energy efficient products that would help the environment as well as keep homeowners comfortable in their homes. Most other manufacturers are only recently beginning to develop and manufacture triple-pane windows while Winchester has perfected and patented the technology they spent over three decades improving. Bristol windows have a U-Value that is 30% lower than Energy Star’s lowest U-Value requirement.

Some of the features that make Bristol Windows among the industry’s most energy efficient include:

  • Alpha-10 Gas in between the panes to dramatically reduce heat transfer
  • Exclusive windjammer flexible weather seal to eliminate drafts
  • Three pieces of American made precision float glass for the ultimate in insulation
  • Two air spaces with an overall one-inch insulating space
  • Four coats of Low E to reflect radiant heat while protecting carpets and drapes from fading
  • BR50 thermoplastic spacer system

Secure Your Home

Security is a concern for many homeowners because most break-ins occur through a window by prying the flimsy latches. When you’re near your windows, look at the tiny screws holding those locks into the frame—they can be easily pried open. You probably deadbolt your doors at night and when you’re not home. But, with flimsy locks on your windows, your home is still vulnerable. The Bristol Window is the only replacement window on the market to have:

  • Quad-IV 4-point steel deadbolt security locks
  • A 50-year home security guarantee
  • Ventilation locks with steel concealed springs for security while allowing ventilation into the room

Ultra-Durable & Fully Reinforced

The problem with most vinyl windows is that vinyl, by itself, is not very rigid and can warp or bow over a short period of time. Bristol Windows have a uniquely designed, fully reinforced frame that prevents bowing and warping. Your replacement windows will have the following advanced features to ensure decades of structural integrity:

  • Multi-cavity vinyl main frame
  • Sash and sub frames reinforced with a High Definition Reinforcement (HDR) Bar
  • Adjustable 80-lb pressure alignment clips on both jamb sides
  • Double fusion welded sash frames

Industry-Leading Warranty

A lot of windows don’t specify a time frame in their warranty, only that it is a “Limited Lifetime” warranty. Whose lifetime the window is covered for is open for interpretation and could be as little as seven years. A lot of warranties have more loopholes than Swiss cheese or require the customer to pay for parts or most of the cost of the repair. Some warranties even require the customer to ship the faulty parts back to the window factory to get a replacement part. The Bristol Window warranty, on the other hand, has very few exclusions and includes:

  • 50 years of non-prorated coverage that is transferrable to the next homeowner
  • Three years of coverage for glass breakage
  • Clear language without any loopholes or fine print

Customizing Your Replacement Windows

Having replacement windows installed provides benefits beyond energy efficiency and security. It also provides an opportunity to upgrade the look of your home both inside and out. At Integrity Construction & Windows, we can help you design the perfect windows for your home and tastes. Choose from:

  • All of the most popular styles, including single-hung, double-hung, casement, bay, bow, garden, picture, hopper, and specialty shapes
  • A variety of frame colors, including white, beige, brown, dark woodgrain, and light woodgrain
  • Many different glass options, such as art, etched, stained, leaded, and beveled glass
  • Privacy options, including frosted glass

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At Integrity Construction & Windows, we not only offer the best replacement windows on the market, but also customer-centric service and expert installations. Indeed, your project will be handled by trained, full-time specialists—not subcontractors—who will adhere to our strict standards for professionalism and quality. To learn more about what makes our replacement windows the best option for your home in the Pittsburgh metro area or any other region in northern, western, or southern Pennsylvania, contact us today.

“Great work. Great job. Great windows. Great guys for install and sales reps. I love the Quad IV locking system.”

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“Great work. Great job. Great windows. Great guys for install and sales reps. I love the Quad IV locking system.”

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