Custom Windows & Doors in Harrisburg, PA

Are you in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and in need of a new roof due to water damage, strong winds, excessive heat damage, and storm damage? If so, you should consider a new metal roof! Traditional asphalt shingles are also detrimental to our environment producing a lot of greenhouse gas emissions during production. If you live in the Harrisburg/Dauphin County area, give us a call today!

Metal Roofing Looks Like Traditional Shingles!

Metal Roofing does not have to look ugly. In fact, metal roofing doesn’t even have to look like metal. We have options to make your roof look like traditional asphalt, but will give you the benefits of metal roofing. Our two popular options are Aluminum Shake and Steel Shingles. Save up to 25% on your energy bills, install right over your existing roof, and resist fading, chalking, and cracking with our Lifetime Limited Warranty!

Our Installation Pledge

You’ve heard the roofing nightmares – fly-by-night companies from out of state, uninsured workers on the job site, workers who have a criminal background, and otherwise cutting corners on the quality of their work.  If you choose our company to install an Aluminum or Steel roofing system, we can typically match or beat competitor’s pricing but what we won’t do is cut corners or use cheap labor.