Insulation in Falls Creek, PA

Are you bundled up in a blanket living in the Falls Creek, Pennsylvania area? If so, you might not have the proper type and amount of insulation in your home. Let us help you reduce heating and cooling costs so that you can keep your thermostat in the “blanket-free zone” for your comfort!

eShield Radiant Barrier

Nearly 50% of all energy loss happens through your attic.  Cut your heating and cooling bills by 25%.  While traditional insulation will be sufficient in blocking heat loss due to conductive and convective heat, it is not effective against radiant heat.  We’ve partnered with eShield, as seen on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, to offer their state-of-the-art attic insulation.  Having this reflective insulation installed by certified insulation specialists will reflect 97% of all radiant heat transfer, which is a leading cause of home energy waste.  US Department of Energy tests show that eShield Radiant Barrier delivers more energy savings than five inches of additional fiberglass insulation.


While reflective insulation blocks radiant heat transfer, blown-in insulation and air sealing will limit conductive and convective heat flow.  We carry the only blown-in insulation product on the market that is guaranteed to maintain its R-Value for as long as you own your home.  And having air sealing done as part of your insulation package will identify and seal holes and air leaks in your home, further reducing your monthly energy bills.