Drafty, broken, hard to open?

Reduce heating and cooling costs, get rid of that blanket on your couch, stop worrying about crime rates, and stop wasting your time cleaning or maintaining those old windows and doors.  Our Bristol line of products solve common problems and complaints most homeowners have about their existing windows and doors.  

Windows / Doors

Pennsylvania winters can be brutal.  If you’re wearing a blanket while you’re sitting on your couch or your window blinds or drapes move in the wind, maybe it’s time to look at upgrading to the most energy efficient windows and doors on the market, designated with the Energy Star’s Most Efficient rating due to patented manufacturing processes and features.  They will even benefit you in the summertime when your air conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard to keep your home cool & won’t jack up your electric bill.

The world has changed so much through the years, the owner remembers living in a small rural area not having to lock his doors.  You wouldn’t dare do that today with people breaking into houses looking for prescriptions, guns, or valuables to steal.  Bristol Windows and Doors are manufactured with your family’s security in mind and have patented security features that will make your home an impenetrable fortress, not a target for shady characters.

Integrity Construction and Windows, Inc. was hand picked to be the exclusive dealer for Bristol Windows and Doors in Pennsylvania because of our proven track record of quality installations and responsive customer service.  We chose to represent this brand because we fully believe in the quality and the iron-clad warranty.  The manufacturer of this line of windows and doors is Winchester Industries is located in Saltsburg, PA, making warranty work extremely efficient when compared to dealing with a manufacturer in another state.  We feel they have gone above and beyond for our customers and for our company.


The only window with deadbolt-style locks.  A pioneer in energy efficiency that will allow you to turn your thermostat down a notch while remaining comfortable.  So easy to clean you won’t mind when your dog puts nose prints or your kids get their fingerprints all over the glass.  And the last window you’ll ever need to do in your lifetime.

Bristol Windows are custom-made and come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.  Most window warranties have so many exclusions and loopholes they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.  The Bristol Window comes with an iron-clad warranty and will get you out of that constant loop of paying over and over to repair or replace your windows.  Plus they provide a quicker return on your investment and keep paying it back long after you’ve finished paying for them.  Other window brands make a lot of claims that end up being just “gimmicks.”  Bristol windows are backed by science and engineering.   

Some of these technical terms and part names are confusing to anyone who isn’t a window expert.  Our product specialists will show you a full working window sample and show you the features and parts in action.  You’ll understand why other windows don’t live up to their promises because we will show you the weaknesses behind certain parts other manufacturers commonly use that cause their windows to become hard to open and close over time, pop their seals to allow the insulating gas to escape, get drafty, collect mold or moisture, or get stuck when tilting them in to clean.

What makes the Bristol window different?

  • High security Quad-IV 4-point steel deadbolt locking system
  • Easy-clean tilt in or swing in feature
  • Triple Pane glass filled with Alpha-10 Gas
  • Makes your home quieter, keeps traffic & other noises outside
  • Fully reinforced durable frame
  • 50 Year non-pro-rated and transferable warranty
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Endless options to match any home
  • Low U-Value = 0.23
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient = 0.21
  • Air infiltration rating = 0.08
  • Ventilation locks

Energy Efficiency

Our customers have reported they actually saved significant money on their monthly fuel and electric costs after replacing their single and even double pane windows with triple pane Bristol windows.  Winchester Industries pioneered triple pane technology beginning in 1983 when their owners with a background in the window industry were ahead of their time in seeing a need for energy efficient products that would help the environment as well as keep homeowners comfortable in their homes.  Most other manufacturers are only recently beginning to develop and manufacture triple pane windows while Winchester has perfected and patented the technology they spent over 3 decades improving.  Bristol windows have a U-Value that is 30% lower than Energy Star’s lowest U-Value requirement.  Filled with a proprietary blend of non-toxic gasses that create a barrier against energy loss, condensation, and noise.

  • Alpha-10 Gas in between the panes
  • Exclusive windjammer flexible weather seal
  • 3 pieces of American made Precision Float glass
  • 2 air spaces with an overall 1 inch insulating space
  • 4 coats of Low E to protect carpets & drapes from fading
  • BR50 Thermoplastic spacer system

Security and Easy-Clean Tilt

Security is an issue with many homeowners because most break-ins occur through a window by prying the flimsy “flip” locks, or what we like to call latches.  When you’re near your windows, look at the tiny screws holding those flip locks into the frame – they can be easily pried open.  You probably deadbolt your doors at night and when you’re not home but having flimsy locks on your windows are as good as leaving your door unlocked.  The Bristol window is the only window on the market to have Quad-IV 4-point steel deadbolt security locks.  These locks also make cleaning a breeze with a flip of a lever to tilt the window into your home.

  • Easy-clean tilt in/swing in feature
  • Quad-IV 4-point steel deadbolt security locks
  • 50 Year home security guarantee
  • Ventilation locks with steel concealed spring for security while allowing ventilation into the room

Fully reinforced frame

The problem with most vinyl windows is that vinyl by itself is not very rigid and can warp or bow over a short period of time.  Bristol Windows have a fully reinforced frame, filled with High Definition Reinforcement composite bar that keeps the frame from bowing or warping.

  • Multi-cavity vinyl main frame
  • Reinforced sub-frame of High Definition Reinforcement (HDR) Bar
  • Sash frames are reinforced with proprietary composite HDR Bar
  • Adjustable 80-lb pressure alignment clips on both jamb sides
  • Double fusion welded sash frames


A lot of windows don’t specify a time frame in their warranty, only that it is a “Limited Lifetime” warranty.  Whose lifetime the window is covered for is open for interpretation and could be as little as 7 years.  A lot of warranties have more loopholes than swiss cheese or require the customer to pay for part or most of the cost of the repair.  Some warranties even require the customer to ship the faulty parts back to the window factory in order to get a replacement part.  The Bristol Window is a 50 year warranty with very few exclusions.  Glass breakage is fully covered for 3 years.  Very few things will go wrong with your windows that aren’t covered under the warranty.  On rare instances when things do go wrong, you call us, we handle the warranty submissions, pick up your parts from the factory and have our service technician visit your home to replace them in a timely fashion.  

  • Non pro-rated 
  • Transferable to the next homeowner
  • 50 year coverage period
  • No loopholes, fine print, or confusing language

Window Types and Options

  • Double hung, sliders, casements, awnings, bays, bows, garden windows, picture windows, circle top or eyebrow windows, hopper windows, specialty shaped windows
  • White, Beige, Brown, Dark Woodgrain, Light Woodgrain
  • Optional Exterior Solar Reflective Finish in 16 different exterior colors
  • Art Glass, internal grids, diamond grids, hub grids – available in white, beige, brown, woodgrain, and gold colors
  • Etched, leaded, stained, or beveled glass patterns
  • Obscure/frosted glass for extra privacy


Your door is the first thing people notice when they visit your home.  Make a great first impression while keeping your home secure.

Bristol Doors have been crafted with security and durability in mind.  Wood doors can be expensive and can swell or warp.  Fiberglass doors can crack in cold weather, don’t come in custom sizes, and are high maintenance, requiring regular staining or painting.  Steel doors provide a reasonable cost alternate to wood or fiberglass, are low maintenance, and offer high security.  Several features offer superior energy efficiency, including polyurethane insulation and twin compression weather seal.

Bristol doors have a wide range of designs and options, and they come in custom sizes to fit your opening.  From the most basic door to a grand entryway, all tastes, styles, and budgets are considered.  Our door installers will trim your door inside and out for a beautiful entryway that is certain to impress all of your visitors.

  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel skin
  • Won’t warp or rot
  • Textured woodgrain steel
  • 15 different color & woodgrain choices with sunscreen additives
  • Standard door knobs with deadbolts, decorator style thumb latches 
  • Peepsites, mailslots, kickplates
  • No glass, half lite glass full lite glass, full oval, half oval, other glass configurations
  • Internal Mini blind glass, handcrafted bevels, floral bevels, diamond patterns, glue chip accents with brass, zinc or platinum caming, rain glass, rippled wave glass, crafted jewel bevels, renaissance glass
  • Double or triple glass with Low E
  • Superior polyurethane insulation with R-15 insulating value
  • Interlocking Steel Edge with positive thermal break
  • Reinforced lock area
  • Rolled steel locking pins make forced entries nearly impossible
  • 18 Gauge steel surrounding frame
  • 12 Gauge steel plate reinforced hinge plate
  • Steel interlocking hinges 
  • Twin compression weather seal between door bottom and threshold
  • Heavy duty hardware 
  • Composite top weather barrier
  • Draft free magnetic sealing stops (similar to high quality refrigerator door seals)
  • Adjustable thermal sill
  • 50 year transferable warranty, 3 year glass breakage

French Doors, Sidelites and Transoms

If your opening calls for a French Door, sidelite, or transom, we have custom options for your grand entryway.  In certain situations, we can enlarge openings or convert a regular door to a French Door.

Sliding Glass Doors / Patio Doors

Do you have a broom handle in your sliding glass door track for extra security?  Our product specialists will show you how that won’t stop burglars from being able to enter your home.

Get rid of the broomstick with a high security Bristol patio sliding door.  Our multiple point locking system has 2 steel locking bars that bolt into steel receivers in the head and sill and an additional keyed security lock & ventilation lock.  It is the most durable sliding patio door on the market.  

  • 2 or 3 panel sliding patio doors
  • Left, right, or center slide panel
  • Commercial quality hardware
  • 5’, 6’, 9’ styles available in double or triple pane glass
  • 8’, 12’ styles in double pane glass
  • Maintenance free, won’t warp, crack, rot, & no painting
  • 50 Year warranty
  • Commercial quality ball bearing roller assembly for effortless gliding
  • Top thermal performance for year round comfort in all weather
  • 2 coats of Low E
  • BR50 Thermoplastic Spacer System
  • Alpha-10 insulating gas
  • White, beige, brown, woodgrain options